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sorry about my absence. there's a perfectly good reason for that. and that reason is that i don't have one.

just a few minor points:

1. okay, so basically it's cold, everyday. all the fucking time.

2. i have no idea what i'm doing anymore. school-wise and in my own personal life. but i'm sure you all knew that already. i'm pretty sure i knew that too.

3. i liked twilight. i mean, of course i did. haters can get the fuck out. it's just a movie. an entertaining one, at that. my mom had the audacity to say that she liked the book, but she hated the movie. normally, i'd agree with her, but the movie and the book are the same god damn thing. honestly. every single piece of dialogue from the book is inserted in this movie. they literally did nothing to change it. some people are saying that the acting is lackluster. that it's cheesy. and i whole-heartedly agree. but in the film's defense, it's probably because the actors didn't have much to work with. stephenie meyer is not a writer. she just got lucky, in my opinion.
seriously. you people try saying "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" with a straight face.

i mean, that shit is silly on paper. what makes you people think film would do it justice?

that being said, i enjoyed every fucking minute of it. because that's what type of person i am.
: ]

4. on a related note: i'm sort of "over" edward cullen. don't get me wrong, i think the idea of him is still nice. i like vampires. i like hot men. part of me likes edward's prudish nature, because i, too, don't open the muffin shop for just anyone. i like how he's a bit of an emo boy, because i kind of have a soft spot for emos.
would i climb him like a tree? yes, absolutely.
would i date him for an indefinate amount of time. you betcha.
would i go pick out curtains with him? no. i wouldn't.
because contrary to every facebook bumper sticker you read, edward cullen is not *~omg, so perfect~*
that title belongs to daniel gale.

5. on another related note, daniel gale doesn't get enough love.
lol, i've been posting this video everywhere today.

sadly, geeks don't follow me around. and when they do, they look nothing like robert pattinson. and apparently none of them have applied to the daniel gale school of awesome.

6. i don't think i'm writing coherently. i can't tell if i'm making sense or not because it's two in the morning.

7. my desk keeps making this weird noise because it's unbalanced. and for some reason, the sound coming from it, sounds like someone is tapping on my window.

8. um, yeah. i have so much shit to do before thursday and i haven't even started.

9. i just realized that i've been logged into myspace for hours, just waiting for someone, anyone, to develop insomnia and log in and talk to me. i need a hobby. or sleep. or both.

10. is it possible to have asperger's and not know it because your parents were douchebags and hid your childhood medical records from you?
rhetorical question, guys, but it totally doesn't have to be.

well, i think i'm finally going to take my bed up on that offer.
g'night, my lovelies.

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and by "meet", i mean "seeing brief glimpses of him through the heads of fangirls".

he's undead. he's handsome. he's sexy. he's spunk ransom. Collapse )
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i have a book i have to read and do a report on that's due sometime before finals.  which is about three weeks from now.   i have a speech i have to present in six days and i haven't even finished researching for it.   but i'll probably just crawl in bed and stay there for twelve hours. 

that actually sounds really good, so i'll probably go do that now.  


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why hello there mr. president. yes you can take your victory sip now.

cheers obama Pictures, Images and Photos


oh, and my mom baked a cake and a cute guy complimented me on my "hard days night" t-shirt.

so yeah. today was pretty epic, i would say.

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a question that is not rhetorical:

don't you love it when your email inbox says you have 25 new messages and then you end up  finding out your friend got too sexual with the comment button on myspace and she ended up posting the same thing over two dozen times?  and then you hate yourself for getting too excited in the first place because you think that many people like you?   

yeah. because that's literally what happened just now.   : /  

as you can tell from your lj notifications, is it my birthday.  
today is also the day that obama will get elected.  
yes, today is bound to be epic.      : ]

xariesgirl78x ,  thanks for the birthday shout out love!  i appreciate all the time you spent finding the songs for me.   like i said before, i feel so lazy making you find them for me.  i'll try and work on finding some on my own, but i'm thankful for all your help!




i'll do an obligatory birthday post...tomorrow.   if i feel like it.  i just have too many things on my mind today. 

i kind of like my icon.  all the backlashers say that there isn't much sexual tension there but i think otherwise.  

seriously, kim.  do your homework. 


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Current Music: for you blue--beatles.

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do your homework, kimberly. 



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i should've just stayed in tonight. 

i only wanted candy and basic human interaction.  i know.   what the hell was i thinking, right?  

i was a schoolgirl, if it matters.  
it's only because this was extremely last minute and i just had realized that i had a rosary in my room.
and it's really not because i'm unoriginal, or a slut, or anything like that. 

sorry,  i'm grumpy. 
: *

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november 4th is coming up.

this is all i want:

Midnight fantasy - Britney Spears Pictures, Images and Photos

Rubber Soul Pictures, Images and Photos

cookie dough Pictures, Images and Photos

Mikes hard Lemonade Pictures, Images and Photos

but i'll probably end up with giftcards or scented candles or something, because that's how my life works. :]

in other news, i hijacked my brothers room and painted the walls chocolate brown and lime green. it looks pretty awesome, if i do say so myself.
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a real conversation:

me:  some debate, huh?   

guy in psychology class:   yeah.   who are you voting for?

me:  obama.   well,  if i could vote, i would. 

guy in psychology class:  YOU'RE NOT VOTING?!!!!!?!?!??!?!?!

me:  no.  i'm not registered.  

guy in psychology class:   YOU'RE NOT REGISTERED?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!????!!?!

me:  no.

lmao.  overreact, much?   i might as well have said,  " HI THUR I EAT BABIES".    i just was never really into politics.  i only have a slight interest in obama only because he's charismatic and he's a genuinely likable guy.  i don't have to be a political snob to know that he's the good guy in this movie.  i don't believe in the idea of a government.  that, and my 18th birthday wasn't until TWO DAYS BEFORE the last presidential election and i was just too apathetic  and lazy to register this time around.  

so what if i'm not eligable to vote for obama.   it's not like that fucker isn't going to win, anyway. 

can i stop venting now?  good.   because i'm all out. 

i had an amped  energy drink today, mixed with mountain dew.  and before that,  a red bull. 
needless to say,  i giggled a lot during work today. 
usually, i'm so anti-energy drink, it's insane.  but i stayed up to watch a fresh prince marathon until four in the morning, fully knowing i had to be up at seven. 
stupid girl. 

can i just say that if being semi-excited for HSM 3 is wrong, i don't ever want to be right.  because i'll always be 12 years old emotionally and psychologically.    
: ]

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hello there. 

it's almost three a.m.  and for some reason i have some things to say. 


1).  you know what really makes me happy? i mean, really cheers me up?  the fresh prince theme song.  i'm not kidding.  you try to listen to that shit without singing along.   but you can't.  you just can't. 

2).   i am hungry. 

3).   i just found out they guy that played john lennon in backbeat  played the guy that shared his face with voldemort in the first harry potter movie.   IMDB,  YOU FIND NEW WAYS TO CONSTANTLY BLOW MY MIND.

4).  i love disney channel in the middle of the night.   honestly.  apparently they started this new thing where they play old shows and movies from like, 10 years ago.    and why am i the only one excited about this?   



still hungry. 


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