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oh hey, red headed step child   livejournal! 

for whatever reason, LJ and i never really meshed.

i'm on twitter and tumblr now.


while i have no immediate plans to delete my LJ, i don't want to lose touch with you all.
and i'll probably be more active over at twitter and tumblr.
so feel free to add me!
i'll return the favor.  <333

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i've said it before and i'll say it again:
romeo and juliet already has a sassy gay friend.
his name is mercutio.

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um, yeah.
like always, i have no genuine excuse for my absence. just pure laziness.
*sips chocolate milk*

basically, someone got told today.
not really.
but i did stand up for myself.
but i did it so meekly that i don't think the toldee even knows i'm pissed at them.
i stood up for myself.
because i am fancy new beesly.

i took a walk today.
that was fun.
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it's been awhile.
i blame twitter and facebook and basically all forms of social networking.
they've stunted my ability to communicate in more than 140 characters or in something that's not a status message or wall posting.

so yeah, no more long rambling lj entries about dieting or jim and pam or how i hate school.

disappointed, i know you are.

i'll still be around, don't get me wrong. just no more of the drama/whining you're used to seeing.
the very same drama/whining that raped your friends page many a night.

i guess this is growing up.

Current Mood: sick
Current Music: feeling good--muse

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i hate that i never update this thing anymore.

i know i always say that, but i don't think anyone's keeping track, to be quite honest.

buuuuuuut, i have some sort of good news since i last posted:
i lost 15 pounds. in a month. here's hoping it'll be 18 by monday.

this isn't related to anything.
i just love him.

Current Mood: hungry
Current Music: perfect // alanis morissette

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i signed up for jenny craig today, on a whim. 

yay for major life changes!!!!!

oh, and my mp3 player is still broken.  
but that has no affect on me right now.

let me reiterate:  MAJOR LIFE CHANGES.


Current Mood: optimistic

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updates since my last LJ visit: 

1.  my eyebrows have become a mess. 

2.  i got new glasses.  which i'm supposed to pick up today, but i'm lazy and i look like a hot mess right now. 

3.  i have gotten into doctor who.  and i have a few short months to catch up on all the seasons before david tennant leaves.  : [

4.  my phone died. 

5.  i got a new mp3 player.  a sansa.  not as cool as an ipod or a zune, but i think it's swell thankyouverymuch.  


Current Music: hey mr. dj--backstreet boys. (shut up...)

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i don't know why i don't update anymore, but i probably should stop that. 

college has been killing everything;  my soul, my spirit,  my patience. 

on the bright side, i have rainbow socks. 
and more awesome sarah dessen books.  

yes.  i happen to like young adult chick lit.  don't judge.  that's a really dick thing to do. 
: D

ehhhh, i promise i'll come back here one day with something worth updating on.   i know i say that a lot. but i mean it.  really.


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you know you've been neglecting your livejournal when you can't even remember your password. 

for those of you that didn't even notice my absence; yes, i've been gone. 

i've let school and work take over my internet time and social life this past semester. 

let me catch you up to speed: 

1.  my parents are in arizona for five days.  this is the longest time i've had the house to myself.  but i don't mind it.
i'm usually okay when i'm alone, except for at nighttime. 
i NEED to learn how to fall sleep in a house with nobody in it.  because if i ever want to move out one day, then i have to teach myself how to not be paranoid. 

2.  i am now in love with russell brand. 
not in a "i want to marry you and have kids" way.
just in a "your antics amuse me, lets make the beast with two backs and never speak of it again" kind of way.

3.  the twilight dvd is coming out and i'm super excited.   it is my guiltiest guilty pleasure. 
two reasons why i want this dvd: 
--rob and kristen recorded a commentary, and apparently it is incredibly funny.
--"DIS IS WRONG EDWARD!  SHE'S NUH ONE OF USSSSS"--gangsta emmett.   MORE CULLEN SCREENTIME PLEASE.   seriously where was this scene?  it reminds me an awful lot like the literary masterpiece that i love with all my heart and ovaries, "growing up cullen".  in that case, i'm totally down. 
: ]

4.  i need a few things from the grocery.

5.  oh, you kids today and your motorbikes, bothering the girl trying to update her often neglected livejournal.  

6.    i have nothing else to update you all on.  my life in incredibly boring.  

7.   seven sounds like a good number to end on.

Current Mood: exhausted

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i know i haven't been around much.

and i recently discovered my old snapvine account that i hardly use anymore.
so i decided to try this thing called "voice blogging".

so accept this as an update in the form of a voice post.

this is a few days old.

and for those of you that are wondering, i said "creat".

i was going to say "cool", but i ended up saying "great".

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so basically, i'm a dork.
all the time.

Current Location: i'm looking through you--beatles.
Current Mood: cynical

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